AI + Unsecured Data = Financial Risk (On-Demand Webinar)


In today’s dynamic business landscape, risk is an ever-present companion. Organizations grapple with the stringent demands of regulatory compliance, including CPRA and GDPR. But what happens when sensitive data collides with the power of artificial intelligence (AI)? How can your business protect itself against potential data breaches and ensure the security of sensitive information? Voltage by OpenText helps you address these challenges by improving compliance and ensuring sensitive data remains protected throughout its lifecycle – all from a single data security platform. 

View our on-demand webinar for an enlightening session where we’ll demonstrate how Voltage can help you: 

  • Quantify Monetary Risk: Understand the financial implications of managing personal information. 
  • Drive Data and Customer Trust: Strengthen relationships with stakeholders by safeguarding data throughout its lifecycle and ensuring data is secure before entering AI. 
  • Facilitate Secure Data Sharing: Promote ethical data exchange within your organization and with third parties.  

Secure your data for AI, build trust, and ensure compliance to propel your business forward—all from a single, comprehensive platform.